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Help support the bot and get amazing perks to help out with your server. We support both monthly payments or one-time durational memberships through paypal and patreon. Choose the plan that suits you the best!!

Become a Patron!

Custom Welcomer Background

For medium to large server owners

£5.00 / $6

One time payment

To apply your membership, please use /membership addcustombackground instead of /membership add Custom Background: Paypal (£5.00) Custom Background: Patreon ($5)
  • Receive a custom background on any server you give a membership to and apply to an infinite amount of servers.

    Welcomer Pro

    • Time Roles
    • Welcomer Images
    • Custom Welcomer Backgrounds
    • Animated Welcomer Backgrounds
    • Dedicated Donator Bot
    • Donator role on Support Server
    • You directly help keep this bot up
    • Memberships applicable from 1 to 5 servers

    Patreon Plans

    Welcomer Pro x1 - 1 month
    Welcomer Pro x3 - 1 month
    Welcomer Pro x5 - 1 month

    PayPal Plans

    Welcomer Pro - 1 month
    Welcomer Pro - 3 months
    Welcomer Pro - 6 months


    Please do not think you have to pay to use Welcomer! All the features that we will ever have will still be available to everyone for free. We have extra perks as a way to thank people for donating to keep our bot online. Without people donating, we would not be able to keep this bot funded by the community and as more people use the bot, we need more powerful hardware to run it. By donating, you help keep the bot online and running. 👌
    When you are donating through patreon, please make sure you bind a discord account to your patreon account. If you have forgotten to do this by accident, please contact a staff member on our support server for more assistance. Please make sure to provide a proof of purchase.
    When you donate towards the bot, you should automatically receive a message confirming this in your direct messages with welcomer. To apply your donation to a server, you can either directly apply it to the server you are on by doing /membership add or provide an id after like /membership add 341685098468343822 and also make sure you have not used up your applicable servers limit. Your applicable server limit is 1 for plus, 3 for pro and 5 for extended. If you want to remove a membership from a server you can do the same process as adding however you would need to do /membership remove.
    At long time ago, custom images used to be completely free to use and we have since moved to a one-time payment model in order to keep the bot running. We will never force users to pay monthly to use this feature, and the one-time payment is to show a gesture of thanks to those who keep the bot running. Whilst these custom backgrounds are locked under a one-time purchase, they can be applied to an infinite number of servers and last forever. We still have a large collection of free backgrounds that you can use. Any server who had a custom background before making it paid will still be able to keep it forever.